Oven w/ 6 Burner Stove



Operating Instructions for Oven with 6-Burner Stove Top

For your convenience all cooking equipment is tested for proper operation prior to delivery with the supplied propane tank.

  1. Check the quick connect/disconnect hose connection at the oven to make sure it is securely attached.
  2. Attach the regulator portion of the hose to the propane tank, use channel plyers or a large wrench to make a good tight connection. (This step is important to ensure the gas is getting to the oven)
  3. Top Burners Pilot Lighting: OPEN TOP BURNERS
    Turn main gas supply “ON”
    Wait 30 seconds and, using a taper, light the open top pilot
    If pilot fails to light, turn main gas supply “OFF”
    Wait 5 minutes and repeat the above procedures
    Turn one open top burner valve “ON” to remove air from the gas line. Turn burner “OFF” when gas begins to flow
  4. Gas Oven Pilot Lighting: NOTE: Perform open top/griddle lighting instructions before lighting oven pilot.
    Open unit kick panel and lift the pilot lighting hole cover.
    Light pilot by depressing the reset button located behind the kick panel. Light pilot and continue to hold reset button in for 1 minute.
    If pilot fails to light, turn main gas supply “OFF” and wait 5 minutes before repeating Step 2.
    After pilot is lit, turn the temperature dial to the desired setting.
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