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Do I need to be home when my rentals are delivered?

It is recommended but not a necessity, if you are not going to be home or are uncertain, please make payment arrangements ahead of time and coordinate with our sales staff as to where you would like the equipment placed and or set up.

Will U.S. Tent Set-Up our rentals?

U.S. Tent is a full service rental company and set-up is included in our pricing model. Although if prior instructions were not given to the sales staff to be placed on the order and no one is there to accept the order we will generally just drop everything off, except for tents. Tents must be set up by U.S. Licensed and Insured employees.

Is U.S. Tent fully insured if something were to happen on my property?

Yes, all our employees are covered under workman's comp. and we are fully licensed and insured should some unforeseen action occur.

Is it customary to tip the set-up crews?

If you believe the crew working for you has gone above and beyond to help make your event successful gratuities are accepted by the Crew Leader only and dispersed at his discretion. It is not mandatory by any means.

What Size Tent do I need?

Usually we recommend calling our sales staff to go over exactly what will be covered within your tent. We have a computer program that will do an interior layout of exactly how your tent will look and you can be assured you are renting the correct size tent for your event.

What is the Largest size tent you have?

We carry a multitude of sizes ranging from as small as 10 x 10 and as large as 100'x300'.

Do we need a permit?

Each jurisdiction has different rules, you will need to consult with our sales staff on your particular region.

Do you set-up or break down after hours and if so how much if any extra does it cost?

We run crews 24/7 365, our standard set up hours are Monday through Saturday 8-3:30 PM. Any jobs starting ofter 3:30 PM or on Sundays are subject to additional fees. Generally it is based on job size and location. Please consult a sales person on your particular situation.

Can we install the tent ourselves?

No, our insurance mandates that all tents are to be professionally installed by a U.S. Tent employee.

Do you carry colored tents?

In some of the smaller sizes 20' wide and below yes we do. Only white in the larger tents.

Can we come and see the equipment prior to renting from you?

Yes, but appointments are highly recommended.

What is the difference between a Frame tent and a Pole tent?

A pole tent is a tension tent that is set up with interior poles to hold the vinyl in place and must be staked into the ground. A frame tent is a free standing tent with no interior poles and can be set-up on surfaces such as concrete. It is still recommended to stake these tents but for short term local rentals they can be weighted.

What areas do you service?

It all depends on the job size but generally we will go north to Brooksville, South to Naples, East to Orlando. We have done larger jobs beyond that radius though as far north as Mississippi (Katrina) south to Miami, and East to Daytona.


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